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  • Children's tableware for every level

    Feeding time can be one of the most rewarding but also most stressful (and messy!) learning curves for you and your kids. Our children’s tableware brings a bit of fun and colour to breakfast, lunch and teatime with bright and engaging cutlery, plates and more. Have a look at our feeding spoons and training beakers in tough plastic for kids just starting out. Or eating sets with bowls with suction bases to keep them in place. And when they’re ready for a little more grown-up children’s tableware, we’ve got cutlery in plastic and stainless steel with knives with serrated edges so your kids can learn to cut up their own food.

  • Children’s tableware for fun, too

    Our children’s tableware also includes colourful bibs and wipe-clean placemats decorated with friendly wild animals. The place mats belong to some of our different children’s textile series, so you can get more soft furnishings in the same style. Kids of course love to play at eating and at cooking, too. Role-play is great for developing their creativity, vocabulary and social skills. So as well as real children’s tableware, we also have lots of play tableware and cooking equipment in our Toys & play section. In fact, whatever you need for your kids, from children’s tableware for happy mealtimes to children’s mattresses for happy bedtimes, it’s worth checking us out.