Enjoy creative chaos: an inspiring home craft studio

Not everyone needs a blank canvas to feel inspired. In Kasia’s home studio, being able to see all her ribbons, fabrics and buttons is what drives new ideas for her textiles business. She’s used storage solutions that put all her colourful objects on show to inspire her.
Put all your inspiration on show
‘One of the first things I made was a garland of stars to hang in my son’s room when he was born. I couldn’t find any I liked in the shops, so I sewed it myself’
Kasia, designer and business owner, Poland
Find inspiration everywhere
Let your home fuel your creativity – Kasia often upcycles objects from around the house. Her children love watching her transform textiles into something new. ‘I used the boys’ T-shirts to make rugs and wall hangings,’ she says. Kasia surrounds herself with sources of inspiration by decorating the studio walls with her finished pieces and artwork created by her children using her haberdashery supplies.
Encourage children’s creativity
Organise your workspace to suit your personality
Make way for creativity
In Kasia’s studio, nothing is hidden away – and that’s what makes her work time fun! Find ways to organise your workspace to suit your personality. For Kasia, clear tubs that stack mean she can quickly stash things away rather than having to carefully tidy up. She also finds unexpected ways to create visual displays from the buttons, reels and textiles she uses everyday, like turning a kitchen spice rack into a home for sewing materials. ‘If I get carried away and find myself in a bit of a mess, having an extendable table means I can fold out the leaves to create extra desk space and still have everything I need around me.’
‘I never wanted to be a big business owner. I want to be the kind of mother who’s sewing in one room while the boys are playing in the other, and they can come and join in whenever they want.’
A portrait of Kasia
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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Lina Ikse