Home tour: a rental apartment with a bohemian twist

Living in a rented property needn’t stop you from creating a home that feels like your own. Andreia and Pedro can’t make big changes to their rental apartment, but they’ve still been able to transform an anonymous space into a cosy home that suits their style.
Add personality to a rented home
USE TEXTILES Andreia and Pedro use the biggest room in the apartment as a living and dining room. ‘We love the feeling of openness, but we also wanted each part of the room to have its own identity.’ A simple idea, like adding a rug to the living area, gives the space warmth and personality and marks it out as a separate zone.
USE LIGHTING Even if you are only able to use the lighting outlets that are already fitted in your apartment, you can use your lights to make a difference. Pick statement lampshades and, like Andreia and Pedro, think about how you position them in the room – hanging their ceiling light low over the dining table makes eating feel more intimate.
Lighting is an easy way to zone your space
Use textiles to disguise kitchen appliances
Put your favourite kitchenware on display
USE THE WALLS You might not be able to put in a new kitchen, but you can refresh what’s already there. Turn a windowsill into a herb garden, add textiles where you can, and turn any open storage – from a shelf to the top of a cupboard – into a useful display. Whether it’s the spices you use everyday stored in nice jars, or your favourite mugs, let them be seen.
Put your favourite kitchenware on display
USE WHAT FITS In Andreia and Pedro’s bedroom, floorspace is precious, so they’ve picked pieces that save on space. Wallmounted bedside lights free up the surface of their compact bedside table, while a rail of hooks keeps accessories neatly hung up and off the floor.
Put your favourite kitchenware on display
USE A WINDOW AS A WORKSPACE You don’t need a spare room to have a home office – placing a desk in front of a window creates a workspace that feels much bigger than it is. Andreia did this and turned part of the apartment’s hallway into her weaving studio. To make the most of the space, she uses an extendable dining table as her desk. Day-to-day, it means the area isn’t cramped but, when she works on big projects, she can open up the table and spread out.
Decorate your balcony with indoor comforts
USE YOUR BALCONY Treat your outdoor space as an extra room, however big or small. Think about the things that make an indoor room feel comfortable – soft seating, nice lighting – and bring them to your outdoor space. If you’re renting, pick foldable, portable pieces you can take with you!
A portrait of Andreia and Pedro
A HOME FOR NOW ’I’m not sure if we’ll ever find the “perfect” home,’ says Pedro. ‘To us, the perfect home is where we are now, in this moment. We try and appreciate the little moments – if you’re always searching for something, for happiness, you might not be enjoying the present.’
A portrait of Andreia and Pedro
EMBRACE RENTAL LIVING Andreia and Pedro love rental living and find that it encourages them to live tidily. ‘With a home that you own, it’s easy to end up having junk rooms that you don’t use. We don’t have space for junk, so we use the rooms we do have really well.’
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Interior stylist: Abigail Edwards
Photographer: Penny Wincer