5 ideas for scented decorations

Bring nature indoors during winter with evergreens, like eucalyptus. Here, Lilly in Austria shows us how to use this long-lasting, air-freshening plant to decorate your home.
Make a grown-up mobile
Hang from your walls and ceilings
Experiment with different hanging techniques, such as framed leaves and mobile decorations. ‘I enjoy looking for new elements I can combine with the eucalyptus, like attaching dried sprigs to an embroidery hoop.’
Combine festive scents and candlelight
Mix different scents
Lilly transforms groups of scented candles into a decoration, with a simple garland of cinnamon sticks and eucalyptus. Just give the eucalyptus stems a shake to release their fresh, soothing scent.
Hang a wreath all year round
Make an everlasting decoration
Dried eucalyptus doesn’t lose its colour, so why take it down? ‘I made a wreath for the kitchen from dried eucalyptus last winter and I’ve left it there ever since.’
Hang scented stems over the bed
Create a sense of bedroom calm
Plants and greenery have some great air-purifying and relaxing benefits, so they’re an ideal addition to the bedroom. ‘I’ve hung eucalyptus along a thin wire above the bed to bring calmness and serenity to our room.’
A portrait of Lilly
‘I love the colour and smell of eucalyptus, and how versatile it is – fresh or dried’
Lilly, copywriter and blogger, Austria
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Styling: Ashlyn Gibson
Photography: Christina Bull
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