3 grown-up takes on the Advent calendar

We admit it, we’ve never quite outgrown our love for a fun Advent calendar. But we’ve decided to forego the usual chocolates for a few off-beat alternatives that are perfect for adults (and sure, kids too).
Pens and paper stars with notes written on them sit on a tabletop.
A hula hoop decorated with lights, greenery and paper stars hangs from a wall.
1. Sweet somethings
Start your loved one’s day off right with a cute compliment or a promise something good to come (like a drink for two or a clue to find a small gift) on a decorative star. We decorated a hula hoop with greenery and a string of lights, and hung the numbered paper stars.
Paper stars hang from a decorated hula hoop.An interior designer hangs a decorated hula hoop on the wallA woman writes a holiday wish on a paper star.
2. A string of gifts
Festive and decorative, use this calendar if you’ve got small gifts to give each day. First use some curtain-lenght fabric (we used an actual curtain), sew it into a long tube, and number it 1 to 24. Then ball each gift in paper, tying each one in the sleeve, and secure it with a ribbon or string.
A decorative Advent calendar hangs from the ceiling.
A piece of fabric is being paited with numbers.Gifts are placed inside a fabric advent calendar.A decorative Advent calendar hangs from the ceiling.
A set of wrapped and numbered dinnerware is wrapped and displayed on a shelf.
3. Set the table
Give the tastiest gift of all, and have your favourite folks unwrap their way to a complete table setting. Give plates, bowls and cutlery you know they’ll love, and wrap them in colorful, contrasting paper, numbering each day. On the last day, treat them to their favourite meal.
An interior designer wraps dinnerware as a gift.An interior designer arranges wrapped dinnerware on a shelf.An interior designer numbers each wrapped piece of dinnerware.
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Interior designer: Lina Aldén
Digital designer: Cecilia Zabala
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Micke Persson / Sandra Werud
Editor: Linda Harkell