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MÅLA Fluorescent/glitter paint  
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Fluorescent/glitter paint, assorted colours

RM39.90 / 0.64 l
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    Product Information
MÅLA Fluorescent/glitter paint  
Fluorescent/ glitter paint
Product dimensions
Volume: 640 ml
Package quantity: 8 pieces

Designer thoughts
“Sarah and I designed the MÅLA range together, and we each focused on different areas. I started by doing research and studied the way children create – how they hold scissors, move a paintbrush across paper, what colours they like most and how they mix them. We wanted our art supplies to be inspiring for children to play with, both alone and together with siblings, friends or parents. The MÅLA range is easy to use, provides endless fun and we hope that it will really trigger your child’s imagination.”
Designer Camilla Tubertini
Package measurement and weight
Good to know
Comprises: 8 bottles of paint in different colors.
The paint will leave permanent stains on most surfaces and materials, however, immediately washing the area with soap and lukewarm water may give good results.
Recommended for ages from 5 years.
Shelf life 3 years, see product date on package.
Comprises water-based acrylic paint.
Product description & measurements
Bottle: Polyethylene plastic
Cap: Polypropylene plastic
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