Small storage

Storage you can show off

It's one thing to hide away your clutter. But why should you have to hide the storage, too? Small storage that's as stylish as it is functional can easily share shelf space with your favorite things. So you can display the things you're proud of (while making sure those old school photos stay safely out of sight).

Smart storage solutions for waste sorting
FILUR vitalitySORTERA vitality
Waste sorting can be easy and fun. We’ve designed ours to be easy to keep clean and transport to your recycling station. You can use them all around your home, even in the garage.
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Storage gets decorative
A wooden rod with steel hangers for shawls, belts, ties and other accessories.See more hooks & hangers
STAJLIG hangers are a playful take on the classic metal hanger, giving you a fun way to store and display belts, shirts, hats and more.
STAJLIG Multifunction hanger RM2.90 STAJLIG Multifunction hanger RM2.90 STAJLIG Multifunction hanger RM2.90
Baskets for your bathroom
A close-up of a grey textile basket filled with towels.
Store anything from hand towels to bath brushes in the soft, quilted SKUBBARE baskets. Use their full height or fold down to the size you need.
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SKUBBARE Basket RM39.90

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