Small storage

Storage you can show off

It's one thing to hide away your clutter. But why should you have to hide the storage, too? Small storage that's as stylish as it is functional can easily share shelf space with your favorite things. So you can display the things you're proud of (while making sure those old school photos stay safely out of sight).

Made for mornings with movement
A white fabric basket with bottles inside.
Our new SPRUTT collection helps you organise all your small essentials. So you don’t get stuck looking for your fabric softener or face cloth and everything goes more smoothly even during the busiest times of the day.
See the SPRUTT collection SPRUTT Basket RM29.90
A new look that fits in nicely
A shelf unit with open compartments in white larch with a mini chest with 3 drawers in dark grey paper board.
Our fabric-covered PALLRA boxes have a new, quilted look this spring. Plus, we’ve added a mini-chest that’s the perfect fit for our VALJE wall cabinet and shelf unit.
See more storage boxes & baskets PALLRA Mini chest with 3 drawers RM69
10 big ideas for small storage
A selection of white storage products including a mirrored storage cabinet and a wall-mounted filing rack, a clock and light on a white wall with homely accessories for decoration. View of a reach-in closet space with sliding doors and IKEA furniture and fittings.A children’s room with pine furniture and lots of building blocksReady to hit the open road? Come see our tips to get the trunk packed up stress-free."All pieces of a KNAGGLIG box spread out on the floor

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