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Clothes, food, tools, paperwork, shoes, film and music collections, hobby things - whatever it is, we've got the storage solution for you.

Create easy extra storage for books on a shelf above your window.
Create an open-close toy storage solution in your living room using an old wardrobe that’s also got space for drawing, painting and creating.
Going small Part 3: No space goes unwasted
A children’s room with pine furniture and lots of building blocks
A kitchen wall cabinet filled with old records.
These VALJE storage boxes are modular, so that they can be placed however you like. We’ve used these ones to make a sharehouse storage wall.
Clothes and shoe storage ideas
IKEA thinks small: how a family of four can live in 30m2
Inside a garage with storage boxes arranged on one wall, and two metal shelving units filled with gardening equipment and plants on the other wall.
Stacked arrangement of IKEA storage boxes under a stairway.
Storage system built by mixing and matching shelf and cabinet combinations
A storage wall with shelves, painted cabinets, drawer units and containers
Sorting, laundry, folding and wardrobe in one room
Living room with seating area and lots of clothes storage
TURBO clothes rack and shoe boxes