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Racks & stands

Instant wardrobes, wherever you want them

Need a quick fix to take care of a lot of clothes? Say hello to our clothes racks and stands. They’re easy to assemble, easy to move and easy to fit in, even in the smallest areas of your home. And their low prices mean you’ll have more money left over for things to hang on them!.

MULIG clothes bar, white Min. width: 60 cm Max. width: 90 cm Depth: 26 cm
clothes bar
Min. width: 60 cm, Max. width: 90 cm, Depth: 26 cm
TURBO clothes rack, black in/outdoor, black Width: 117 cm Depth: 59 cm Height: 148 cm
clothes rack
Width: 117 cm, Depth: 59 cm, Height: 148 cm
Two room dividers in accordion design, made of dark grey felt that absorbs sound. Here used as a divider between a music corner and the living room.
Room divider that’s sound absorbing, lightweight and collapsible. Use it by your bed, for dressing behind or create a room within a room.
GRUNDTAL valet stand, stainless steel Width: 46 cm Depth: 46 cm Height: 128 cm
valet stand
Width: 46 cm, Depth: 46 cm, Height: 128 cm
IKEA PS 2017 room divider Width: 150 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 158 cm
IKEA PS 2017
room divider
Width: 150 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 158 cm
IKEA PS 2017 valet stand, white Width: 71 cm Depth: 56 cm Min. height: 142 cm
IKEA PS 2017
valet stand
Width: 71 cm, Depth: 56 cm, Min. height: 142 cm
MULIG valet stand, white Width: 43 cm Depth: 46 cm Max. height: 145 cm
valet stand
Width: 43 cm, Depth: 46 cm, Max. height: 145 cm
RIGGA clothes rack, black Width: 111 cm Depth: 51 cm Min. height: 126 cm
clothes rack
Width: 111 cm, Depth: 51 cm, Min. height: 126 cm Available in more options
Two white valet stands with an almost human design, a tray at the top for a mobile phone or wallet, arms to hold clothes, hangers or scarves and three legs with castors.
Valet stand, you can hang jackets, clothes, jewelry, belts or keys on it. Place your phone on the top. Easily adjustable to any height.