Sofa-bed and TV storage along with children’s furniture
BJÖRNBO sofa-bed and coffee table
Wheel and unfold
Bedtime? In this one-room home all you have to do is unfold the sofa-bed and wheel the coffee table over to become the bedside table. Then you’re already well on your way to a good night’s sleep.
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PAX corner wardrobe
Smart use of space
In a small space, every inch counts. A corner wardrobe fits lots of clothes and makes good use of an otherwise difficult space. And if you add a few interior organisers, it only gets more efficient.
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STUVA children’s bench and desk
Unusual room dividers
Behind the sofa is not a space that’s used often. But why not? As long as the sofa isn’t up against the wall, it actually makes a perfect anchoring wall, itself. It’s an easy way to make two rooms out of one.
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