Display of a yellow cardboard box, a white work lamp, pictures in pink and grey, a yellow clock, quilt cover set in grey/yellow/orange, brown mugs and a white storage box, all from IKEA.
Display of a black storage box, a wall clock, a wastepaper basket, quilt cover set in lilac, a work lamp, a picture with lilac flowers, all from IKEA.
Display of quilt cover set with floral pattern, a white basket, wall clocks, pictures with butterflies, a white work lamp and green cardboard boxes with white square pattern. all from IKEA.
Display of wooden magazine files, black alarm clocks, a turquoise steel bin, white/grey quilt cover set, beige mugs and a grey work lamp, all from IKEA.
Display of a black pedal bin, white/black mugs, striped quilt cover set, wall clocks, a black cardboard box with compartments and a coffee/tea maker, all from IKEA.