A close-up of a bundle of clear vases with flower stems inside
A selection of flowers and leaves laid out on a table
Choose your blooms
The trick to creating a lovely arrangement is to think beyond just flowers – don’t be afraid to bring in leaves, grass and twigs to create a nice mix. Even so-called weeds, like daisies and nettles, look great in a vase.
Once you’ve picked your blooms, take a peek inside your cupboards and gather all your glassware.
A collection of glassware inside a cabinet
You don’t even have to use vases: preserve jars, bottles and even drinking glasses can work just as well.

Then, cut or trim each stem or item. Make sure to trim them at slightly different heights so it’s easier to arrange them. When you’re happy, arrange the vases into a bundle and tie the vases together with a ribbon, parcel string or even some long grass or straw.
A birds-eye view of a flower bulb.
There are no rules when it comes to bringing the outside in, just a world of options.
A romantic take on flower arranging with clear vases tied together with a piece of black twine.