Price range (RM)
GLASIG candle holder, clear glass Width: 7 cm Height: 3.5 cm Package quantity: 3 pieces
candle holder
/3 pieces
Width: 7 cm, Height: 3.5 cm, Package quantity: 3 pieces
A still life for all your senses
A still life for all your senses MILDRA Bottle RM19.90 SINNLIG Scented candle in glass RM11.90 TVILLING Poster, set of 2 RM29 SPRALLA Scented candle in pot RM19.90 LUKTASTER Cushion cover RM39.90
GALEJ tealight holder Height: 6 cm Package quantity: 4 pieces
tealight holder
/4 pieces
Height: 6 cm, Package quantity: 4 pieces
GLASIG candle dish, clear glass Length: 28 cm Width: 28 cm Height: 2.2 cm
candle dish
Length: 28 cm, Width: 28 cm, Height: 2.2 cm
GLASIG candle dish, clear glass Length: 10 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 1.5 cm
candle dish
Length: 10 cm, Width: 10 cm, Height: 1.5 cm
Several white candle holders with lit candles on a windowsill.
From single to candelabra
With a shape inspired by nature and flowers, JÄTTEVIKTIG candle holder holds a myriad of possibilities for combining in new creative ways.
GLASIG tealight holder, clear glass Length: 5 cm Width: 5 cm Height: 3.5 cm
tealight holder
/5 pieces
Length: 5 cm, Width: 5 cm, Height: 3.5 cm
Several tealight holders in clear glass on a worktop.
Let your table shimmer
The beautiful shape and fantastic shine of VÄSNAS tealight candle holders in glass light up any table, while also being cleverly stackable when not in use.