Make it feel like home

Hang your fondest memories on every wall. Plant an indoor garden to show off your green fingers (or use artificial flowers to fake some). Whatever decoration you choose, let your personality lead the way. Because that's how the place you live in becomes the place you call home.

GLÖDANDE limited edition collection
A lot of parcels in different sizes wrapped in colourful paper.
Fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck brings his otherworldly style to limited edition GLÖDANDE stationery. The images of his favourite creatures can be found across boxes, giftwrap, bags, notebooks, notepads, gift tags and tape. See how these everyday items come to life with a touch of design magic.
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GLÖDANDE Gift bag, set of 3 RM9.90 GLÖDANDE Gift bag, set of 3 RM9.90 GLÖDANDE Gift bag, set of 3 RM9.90 GLÖDANDE Roll of tape, set of 4 RM17.90 GLÖDANDE Box with lid RM39.90
Decoration that makes all the difference
A close-up of grey and pink paper decorations in different shapes.
For those special occasions, or just as an autumn treat, bring some new decorations into your home and marvel at the wonderful effect they have.
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VISIONÄR Gift wrap decoration, set of 8 RM11.90
Get creative on your walls
Use the traditional-looking KNOPPÄNG frames for beautiful wall displays that almost shimmer in a soft grey colour.
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A white brick wall with white picture frames in different sizes. KNOPPÄNG Frame RM19.90
With the silver-coloured SILVERHÖJDEN frames you have a versatile frame that is just as stylish on the wall as it is standing on the floor.
A staircase with silver-coloured picture frames in different sizes on the wall. SILVERHÖJDEN Frame RM27.90
The traditional, black MARIETORP frames are available in a range of sizes. Combine them and get creative on your walls.
A wall with black picture frames in different sizes. MARIETORP Frame RM31.90

Master the art of hanging art


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