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It's through playing that children develop and learn. That's why all our products, from soft toys to children's bedroom furniture, are designed to spark their imagination and help them discover new things about the world. And what better place to do that than right at home?

Furnish their home playground
Playroom storage with a white STUVA wardrobe with birch doors and a multi-coloured KROKIG clothes stand A white storage combination in three heights with plastic storage boxesA white wardrobe in a children's roomA white bed with canopy and quilt cover set with a triangular pattern in bright coloursA small kids’ bedroom with plenty of space for both sleep and play, with a KLURA loft bed in solid pine and a green KURA bed tent
Find your children's room style
Our children’s solutions are designed for play, development and growth. Browse our children 3-7 gallery to find furniture, storage and more that’s fun and functional in lots of styles.
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It’s not their bed, it’s their own little world
When you’re surrounded by the things you love – from bed linens in your favourite colour to all your favourite toys, every day feels a whole lot better.
We have a childish mind
By working with leading child experts (and children themselves) over the years, we’ve learned that it’s through play that children’s muscles and brains get the stimulation they need to develop. That’s why we’ve made children’s furniture and toys that encourage role play, spark creativity and get kids spinning, rocking and swinging.
Children playing with toy tableware in a kitchen
It’s not pretend! Role play is good for you.
We know that kids like to play grown-up. They test out tons of different social situations, pretending to be this person and that. It’s for the fun of it, but they’re also learning what they can say and do and who they might turn out to be. And that’s the reason we’ve made lots of toys that create great opportunities for role play.
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Physical play in a spinning chair
Balancing all that energy
We know that getting boisterous and having downtime are both equally important for children. That’s why we have spinning, rocking and swinging furniture that can go both fast and slow, leading to better balance and coordination. And why we also have plenty of ways to help them get cosy and reflect on the fun they’ve had.
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Adjustable, easy reach storage for children
Smart storage means more room to play
Children actually like a bit of order (after all, when things are put away, there’s even more room to play!) So we have storage solutions for big and small rooms, for toys and clothes, portable and stationary – all designed to be easy for your little ones to use.
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Playing with cars
A little creativity goes a long way
We like to keep our toys simple because then children use their imagination to fill in the gaps – and it’s when they get creative that they figure out how the world works. All the while, their fine motor skills get better and better, too. For that we have lots of drawing and painting tools, not to mention plain wooden toys.
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