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Storage that sees eye to eye with kids

The secret of STUVA storage system is that it’s at the right height for kids. So they find it a lot easier to get dressed or take out their toys (and to put everything away again). There’s lots of options for colours, size and style, so it’s easy to find a solution that works for your child’s room, whether you choose one of ours or create your own. It’s also easy to change and customise as your kids grow older.

Plan your STUVA storage solutions

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A world of possibilities
Our new STUVA loft bed combo is more than just a child-friendly place to sleep. It’s a place to play, hang out, do homework and store toys, clothes and prized possessions. All in one.
STUVA offers a world of possibilities. Watch the video to see how the STUVA loft bed combo can fit in your home.
STUVA loft bed combo w 2 shlvs/3 shlvs Height: 193 cm Bed width: 99 cm Bed length: 207 cm
loft bed combo w 2 shlvs/3 shlvs
Height: 193 cm, Bed width: 99 cm, Bed length: 207 cm
STUVA storage combination Depth: 50 cm Height: 192 cm Width: 60 cm
storage combination
Depth: 50 cm, Height: 192 cm, Width: 60 cm