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Children’s storage solutions

Storage that grows with your kids

We think children’s storage solutions should suit your children’s room style, be safe and durable, and also give you the ability to add on to it as your kids grow. STUVA does it all. It’s super flexible, so you can choose the frames, drawers and interior fittings you need to create a combination that works for your child and your space.

A white baby cot with matching changing tableA children's room with a desk in pine with white legs, a white chair and storage in pine with green plastic boxesA children's room with two white shelf units with storage boxes in different sizesA white bed with canopy and quilt cover set with a triangular pattern in bright colours
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STUVA's rails and shelves are adjustable so your child can reach at any age.
STUVA storage combination Depth: 50 cm Height: 192 cm Width: 60 cm
storage combination
Depth: 50 cm, Height: 192 cm, Width: 60 cm
  • Unique children’s storage solutions with the STUVA series

    Fancy your own unique children’s storage solutions that suit your kids’ needs and are easy for them to use by themselves? Our STUVA storage is a series of different-sized frames that you use to create wardrobes, drawer units and open shelving units or, even better, combinations of these types of storage. Check out the children’s storage solutions we show here. You can customise them by adding interior fittings like clothes rails and different-sized drawers, depending on what your kids need to store. Then you can add doors and legs in your choice of colour. Or you can create your own personal children’s storage solutions with the STUVA online planner. You’ll find it under “How to…”.

  • Children’s storage solutions for the future, too

    The best children’s storage solutions are those your kids can easily use by themselves and that adapt to them as they get older. With STUVA, you can put clothes rails and other interior fittings at heights that your kids can reach. Then you can raise them as your kids get taller. And, as your kids get older and get more and more stuff, you can also add on new frames and fittings that match what you already have. So check out STUVA for children’s storage solutions to help your kids take care of their toys, books and clothes for years to come.