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  • Baby textiles that keep your baby safe and warm

    You’ll keep your baby safe and snug with our big range of baby textiles. We’ve got bumper pads, quilt covers, pillowcases, sleeping bags and more in lots of designs and colours. Your baby will be warm and secure when they’re asleep, and have beautiful drawings and patterns to look at when they’re awake. Of course, you won’t just find things for sleepy babies in our baby textiles. You’ll also find brilliant baby towels with hoods for bath time, for example. Or our range of colourful rugs, including play mats with roads passing through villages and mountains for toy cars to race on.

  • Bright baby textiles to suit your style

    Our baby textiles aren’t just about practical things like keeping your baby cosy and comfortable. A baby’s room is a great opportunity for you to unleash your creativity! With our baby textiles, it’s easy to mix and match to give your baby’s room your own personal blend. But as many of our baby textiles belong to series, you can create a really coordinated look if you want to, as well. The series have different styles and themes and they’re all attractive and fun. Check out our BARNSLIG series, for example, with its fresh contrasting colours and animals drawn as children might imagine them.