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In our Business gallery, you can browse combinations of desks, displays, storage and more. There are lots of different styles and sizes – and all at affordable prices. We’ve picked out the products for you, so it’s easy to recreate what you see here in your own business. And, we’ve grouped everything by business type, so finding what you’re looking for is a snap. Take a look and find a solution for the business you know best: yours.

A café with white tables mixed with different chairs in yellow, turquoise, white and blue.
A bistro with brown-black tables combined with chairs in antique stain and brown-black.
An outdoor bistro with grey stackable armchairs and foldable tables. Combined with black parasols and blankets in white and grey.
An elegant and warm restaurant with black chairs and tables laid with white tablecloths, table napkins and wine glasses.
A restaurant with orange tables combined with chairs in yellow and white.
A bedroom with a bed for two, bedside tables and a wardrobe all in black-brown
A coffee and ice cream bar with chairs in white leather with chrome-plated legs and tables with white glass tops and chrome-plated underframes.
A restaurant with birch tables combined with chairs in black and birch bar stools.
A hotel room in white with a bed for two, bedside tables and a desk
A café with white chairs and small tables together with light green shelving units
A hostel with bunk beds in silver-coloured steel
Dining tables in solid birch with birch benches and black chairs
A restaurant with small tables in white or birch and chairs in birch veneer
A seating area with chaise longue, one-seat sections and easy chairs with dark grey cover
A modern office with two black-brown/white desks in front of each other with black swivel chairs
A reception with white desks, storage cabinets and swivel chairs with blue cover
A meeting room with a white conference table and chairs with dark orange wool cover
An open office with two white height adjustable desks in front of each other and swivel chairs with grey cover
A modern conference room with yellow armchairs, a white round coffee table and white storage with some yellow doors
A reception with a black-brown solid wood desk and a black swivel chair on castors
A small office with white desks, drawer units, shelf units and swivel chairs in red
A meeting area with yellow swivel easy chairs and black height-adjustable laptop stands
An arts and crafts shop with white wall shelves and white base cabinets with grey drawers
A paper shop with white shelving units and drawer units on castors
A porcelain boutique with wall cabinets, chest of drawers and trolley in solid wood
A boutique for children's clothes with white display shelves and storage benches
A clothes boutique with black and grey displays

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