Office planning

Starting at €XX/hr

office planning
Make an appointment with one of our specialists to furnish your new premises or give your business a beautiful boost. We consider all your functional needs and decor preferences and have a wide range of well-designed business furniture to supply you from. You provide floor and wall plans (photos are good, too) and we provide the inspiration and furnishing solutions. We will refund part of the cost of this service if your order comes to more than €XXX.
Key Features
• Customer books an appointment with a Kitchen or Business Specialist.
• Customer brings floor and wall plans (photos optional) to their nearest IKEA store.
• IKEA specialists plan the customer’s kitchen or business, based on their needs and wishes.
• A plan and a shopping list is handed to the customer.
• Service charge is partially or fully refunded if the total value of the order exceeds €XXX.
Contact your local store for more information