Brenda, Country Management


Naam: Brenda Tijanic (45 jaar)
Studie: Applied Sciences and Hotel Management
Huidige functie: Deputy Retail Manager
Bijzonderheid: Brenda is from Canada and worked in many countries for IKEA
"Overview commercial processes and connect them"

Hotel Management was my first passion and interest, but sometimes new opportunities present themselves and you make different choices. So 20 years ago I chose for IKEA and - at the same time - for retail. Since then I worked in Canada, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. Some of my different assignments included Sales Leader, Commercial Manager, Country Sales Manager and Deputy Store Manager. Currently I am the Deputy Retail Manager in Holland.

In our Management Team we define the strategies and long term goals which is expressed in our Business Plan for the country. We implement this together with the stores and strive towards becoming the Leader in Life at Home in The Netherlands.

I have had great opportunities and my experience from the different markets both privately and professionally have brought me to where I am now. I lead the overall commercial processes and have the overview so I connect them all, with the aim to improve the shopping experience for our customers. I also have a passion for home furnishing and details which I believe is necessary to really understand the many visitors that come through our stores every day. Whatever you do at IKEA, it’s about the customer and understanding their needs AND dreams, so we can enable them to have a beautiful home.

Brenda, Deputy Retail Manager