Welcome to the BUDAPEST store!
Address: Budapest, Örs vezer tere, XIV.,
  • Store opening hours:
    09.00 - 21.00 everyday.
  • Restaurant opening hours:
    09.00 - 21.00 everyday
  • BUDAÖRS store

    Welcome to the BUDAÖRS store!
    Address: Budaörs, bevásárlóközpont (Shopping center) Sport u. 2-4.
  • Store opening hours:
    09.00 - 21.00 everyday.
  • Restaurant opening hours:
    08.30 - 21.00 everyday
  • For your convenience we offer you several complementary services.

    We are here to help you before, during and after the shopping.

    1. Before you go:

    Planner tools

    Planning and designing your kitchen couldn’t be easier - with our free easy to use IKEA Kitchen Planner for PC.You can design in 3-D, drop and drag units and appliances into a layout, trying different colour and solutions.Create and furnish an entire office yourself, with our free easy to use IKEA Office Planner for PC, which is available on-line. Our staff can talk ideas through with you and offer tips and advice on how to plan, design and furnish your workplace cost effectively.Transport and assembly services are also available at reasonable rates. You can download this free programme from IKEA web pages.Our kitchen experts are ready to give you helpful ideas and advice in the store.
    The planner tools are available in Hungarian language.

    2. In the stores:

    Sewing service

    Do you like our fabrics but you have no posibility or time to sew your dream curtains, tableclothes or cushion covers in different sizes? We can sew your home furnishing textile according to your wish! You choose the fabric, decide the style and give our co-workers at textile dept. exact measurements and describe your wish. We will take care of a professional sewing service.

    IKEA for children

    Children usually prefer playing to shopping. We try to make IKEA visit as attractive and entertaining for them as possible. Therefore we have devoted one IKEA department to children. We have a big slide leading into "berries", trolleys for children, changing tables, microwave ovens for heating baby food, children menu in the restaurant, competitions and events for children - this all makes IKEA visit pleasable for the whole family. A free playroom is available for children for opening hours where professionals take care of children while parents are shopping.
    Opening hours:
    Budaörs: M-Su.:08.30 - 21.00,
    Budapest: M-Su.: 08.30 - 21.00
    Age limit: Örs Vezér square: 3-10 years, Budaörs: 3-6 years. There is no catering in the playroom.
    IKEA kártya

    Gift cards

    Do you want to please your family and friends with a present from IKEA? Give them our electronic gift card and let them choose their present themselves. Pick up an IKEA gift card at the checkout and have the cashier load it with the amount you want to give. Gift cards are transferable and have unlimited validity. You can use them in all IKEA stores in Hungary. The loaded amount does not have to be drawn during one shopping.

    Swedish specialities

    Surprise your friends and family with Swedish specialities. Herrings, crisp bread, lingonberry jam - these are some of the delicacies you can find in our Swedish shop. You can buy here also your favourite meals from IKEA restaurant, such as meatballs, and prepare them at home. You can also find recipes and serving tips here. Are you hungry after shopping at IKEA? Pick up a delicious hot dog, refreshing ice-cream or other goodie in our Bistro next to the exit from our store.

    Restaurant & Café IKEA

    Shopping can be quite exhausting. But don´t worry, we know where you can gain new energy. In every IKEA store you will find IKEA restaurant and bistro. Our restaurant offers traditional meals and Swedish specialities. It is one of the most popular parts of IKEA store. Relax from shopping for a while and enjoy tasty meal and a cup of coffee for unbeatable prices!

    Free wireless internet access

    Bring your own laptop and plan your kitchen or bedroom in our store! If you want you can buy the furniture immediately. You can easily do it now, because our stores offer free wireless internet access. You can access it on the first floor of our stores: in the showroom and in the restaurant. Technical data: PROTOCOL: 802.11b IP addressing: DHCP (automatic) SSID: IKEA ENCRYPTION: none

    Free parking place

    At the Budapest store you can park at garage, at the Budaörs store you can park in front of the store.
  • Parking rules for Örs vezér square, Budapest store:
    The first hour of the parking is free of charge for every visitors. After the first hour you have to pay 200 Ft / each hour commenced.
    If you buy over 10.000 Ft in our store, restaurant, Coffee shop, Bio shop in all, the parking is free of charge for all day.
    The parking card should be validated at the cashiers. After paying you have 1 hour to leave the store.
    In case of lost ticket you have to pay 2.400 Ft.

  • At the Budaörs store you can park free of charge in all day.
  • IKEA without barriers

    IKEA stores have a non-barrier approach. For our visitors with disabilities we offer wheelchairs, which can be used free inside the store.

    IKEA financial services

    Do you want to get your purchase home and pay for it later? At IKEA you can do it! For further information, please call our Credit Office: Budapest/Örs vezér square: (1)460-31- 79 Budaörs: (23)502-622 The employer's certificate: can be downloaded here:

    3. After your purchase:

    Transport service

    Most of our goods have smart flat packages, which makes them easy to transport. But if you don´t want to transport your goods yourself or you cannot get them into your card, we can offer you our transport service for a reasonable price. Or partner transport firm will take your goods to your home for fee. Please contact the Customer Service Desk for the date of delivery and the prices!

    Assembly service

    Assembly of IKEA furniture is easy. All you need you will find in the package. If you don´t want to assambly your furniture yourself, you can contact our assembly service provider, which offers home assembly of IKEA products for a reasonable price. For further details and rates please refer to the Customer Service Desk!

    Installation services

    Our partner firm can help you with installation of your kitchen. In reasonable terms they offer installation of gas, water or power distribution.

    Change your mind

    Return unused items in their original packaging within 90 days with your till receipt (IKEA FAMILY members even within 120 days), for a full refund. Opened packages are subject to a 30% refund reduction.You cannot return cut fabric, used bedlinen, mattresses, cosmetics and textile from IKEA FAMILY range, beauty products, plants and goods with reduced prices, and to those products which got damaged after leaving the IKEA store. You should note however if there are other changes out our control, we reserve the rights to adjust our prices accordingly. All delivery services, assembly and installations are charged separately. We do try to ensure that the information on this website is correct at all times and we apologize for any product alterations that may be made.

    IKEA Quality - guarantee

    All IKEA products come with a 2 years everyday quality guarantee. For plants, bulbs, batteries, cosmetics from IKEA FAMILY range and food we offer statutory guarantee. For some of our products we provide 5, 10, 15 or even 25 years everyday quality guarantee! Quality tests Almost all IKEA furniture and most of our accessories are being tested according to European and other international standards. Tests simulate real life situations. It is guaranteed that our products are durable and safe. Thorough product testing is part of IKEA philosophy Dear customers, don´t hesitate to contact us in case of problems. We approach every customer equally, regardless to the fact he or she shops for private or business purposes.

    Environmental consciousness

    When manufacturing our products we use mainly natural materials and ensure that used products are recycled. We do not waste raw materials and try to find new ways of diminishing the impact of our activities on environment. In KEA stores we try to sort out the vast majority of waste and send it back for re-use. Continuously we are cutting water, energy and paper consumption. We are ready to recycle old IKEA catalogues, batteries, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Do not throw them away, bring them back to IKEA! Our products are packed flat which contributes to easy manipulation, easy storage and lower fuel consumption during transport. You can even bring your packing materials back with you to IKEA. Remember that faulty electro products must not be put into a common dustbin. Hand them in at the shop where you bought them or at places aimed to collect old electro products – both is free of charge. After your shopping is done, then – before buying a new bag – think twice if you really need it. This also means to be environmentally conscious.

    We are really sorry that the other pages on this site are not available in English. If you need more help or more information, you can contact us directly from this site, or you can use the service: Ask Anna: We are ready to help you via chat too, where our colleagues answer your question 7 days a week, from 09.00 - 21.00. You are welcome via phone too, number: +36 1 460 31 60

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