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Stock check

Check to see if a product is currently in stock at an IKEA store near you. Receive a text message to get an update on your product(s) arrival if it is out of stock.

This chart presents the availability for the searched product. The bars represent predictions based on sales data for your selected store.
Note that this information can change during the day and over time.

Green: Available at your store
Yellow: Most likely available at your store
Orange: Small chance of availability at your store

A few tips before ordering

Here are some few easy reminders before ordering :
- Shipping adress must be in France Metropolitain and/ or Corsica.
Invoice adress should be mentioned if different.
- At least have one (two if possible) phone number where you can be reached anywhere at french office hours.
- Schedule a complete week in order to be able to receive the delivery.
Delivery time depends on your destination.
- Remember when ordering beds, you need to indicate the type of slatted bed base you would like.
- Orders are generally delivered within 3 weeks (4 weeks for Corsica).
Fixed delivery-days can apply in delivery-zone B & C.