What’s happening at IKEA
An even better cup of coffee
We want to offer tasty coffee that has been produced with care for people and the planet. With the launch of the new coffee range PÅTÅR, coffee at IKEA is now both UTZ certified and organic!

The coffee sold and served at IKEA has been UTZ certified since 2008. This certification was a positive step towards better coffee ensuring sustainable farming standards, fair conditions and traceability back to the plantation. But it was just the beginning of enjoying a great cup –now that the beans are organic too, the IKEA coffees are better than ever.

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A coffee farmer sorting coffee beans.
Five persons from the IKEA store sitting on a bed, wearing the IKEA store uniform.
Gender equality milestone at IKEA
For years, the IKEA Group has been continuously developing a supportive infrastructure for diversity and inclusion. It starts with daily inclusive behaviours, and includes building competence around gender equality and exploring our unconscious bias. It also covers HR practices and policies such as flexible work arrangements, recruitment, succession, benefits, competence development and mentoring. As of September 2016, approximately half of IKEA Group’s managers around the world are women (48%).

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Cotton farmer, standing in a cotton field, carrying cotton balls on his head.
Cotton from more sustainable sources
As of Sept 1st 2015, all cotton used in IKEA products comes from more sustainable sources. This means it’s grown with less water, chemical fertiliser and pesticide, while increasing profit margins for farmers. For over a decade, IKEA has been taking steps to transform the way cotton is produced, working with partners like the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) with WWF.

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Squares with colorful figures and a text that says, “Let´s play for change”.
Let’s Play for Change
Play is a right of every child under the UN conventions on the Rights of the Child. The new IKEA Good Cause campaign, Let’s Play for Change, focuses on children’s right to play and develop. For every children’s book and toy sold during the campaign period (Nov 20th to Dec 24th), the IKEA Foundation will donate $1 to projects supporting children’s development, learning, equal participation, sports and play.

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A bicycle with front rack, rear rack with bags and a trailer filled with boxes, grocery bags and a green plant.
Bike for life!
With more and more people living in urban places, there’s an increased need for easy and flexible transportation.

Having a car in a city is often not a practical solution. Awarded a Red Dot Design Award in the category “Best of the Best” for its groundbreaking design, let us introduce SLADDA bicycle with accessories. This bike is developed to solve everyday transportation needs in a city. With rust- and oil-free belt drive, automatic gears and smart accessories such as a practical trailer, this is truly a complete system that supports living a sustainable and healthy life in the city.
*Not for sale in stores

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We constantly ask: Is there a better way? That’s how the IKEA home furnishings offer remains unique and how we try to make everyday life better for the many people.
Stack of IKEA boxes on a delivery bike being ridden by a man in glasses
For us, good design is the right combination of form, function, quality, sustainability and a low price. We call it “democratic design”, because we believe good home furnishing is for everyone.
RIGGAD LED work lamp with wireless charging
We are a values-driven company with a passion for life at home. Every product we create is our idea for making home a better place. At the IKEA Group, we have 340 stores in 28 countries (as of August 31, 2016).
The IKEA store logo reflected through the window of the IKEA restaurant
We believe in people! It takes a dream to create a successful business idea. It takes people to make dreams a reality.
Available Jobs
Image of a woman and silluettes of IKEA products that symbolies different workareas at IKEA
A more sustainable life at home
We have loads of affordable products and solutions to help you live a more sustainable life at home. They may seem like small things – LED bulbs, recycling waste baskets, food storage containers and the like – but that’s the beauty of small actions: they all add up! Explore People & Planet
A group of different IKEA recycling solutions arranged in a room
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