Baby and woman
A healthy start in life

80 million children and 10 million women have a better chance at lifelong, healthy development through IKEA Foundation support of UNICEF programs in 18 Indian states.
Baby and woman

Nutritious food saves children’s lives

Breast-feeding their babies for the first six months of life greatly reduces infant mortality. More nutritious food for children 7-24 months, and vitamin A supplements are also important and effective for good health.
Child washing hands

Safe water and better hygiene

Children who learn about hygiene in school introduce new habits into their families, and entire communities start to change.

Immunization against common diseases

Children are immunized against common, preventable illnesses such as measles, polio, diphtheria and whooping cough. They receive preventive medical treatment, too, such as de-worming medicines and vitamin supplements, and are given mosquito nets to protect against malaria.
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Starting with mothers
Women change their families and their communities
Women change the world
The IKEA vision
Create a better everyday life
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Our vision and business idea

80 million children

will receive vitamins, supplements and vaccines through IKEA Foundation support of UNICEF by program end.

Why we donate solar lamps

Child and solar lamp
Now thousands of children can do their homework after dark, without electricity.

Soft toys raise hard cash

Soft toys
Our customers have helped raise €23.8 million

Better conditions for children

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