Assembly with Delivery Service

Starting at $89

<a name="assembly"></a>Assembly with Delivery Service
IKEA products are designed to be assembled by you. That way, you’ll save the most money. However, we can arrange an experienced independent company to assemble your new products for your home or business. Assembly service pricing start at $89 when delivery is purchased and are based on value of merchandise, excluding sales tax.
Assembly Prices
$0–299 $89
$300–599 $159
$600–999 $259
$1,000–1,499 $359
$1,500–1,999 $469
$2,000–2,499 $569
$2,500–2,999 $679
$3,000–3,499 $779
Sofa assembly/cover $39 (if applicable)
Mattress cost Included with delivery
After $3,499, each additional tier of $500 value of merchandise is an additional $100 for assembly.
Please see a co-worker for availability for your delivery service zip code.
Assembly is not available for online orders. Offer may vary per store.
See store for details. In-home service provided by Independent Service Provider.
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