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Contrasts made to match

Contrasting shapes, dimensions and surfaces tie together the new MALIN textile collection of cushions, curtains, rugs, bedlinen and more, that brings sophisticated style to living rooms and bedrooms. ”For the MALIN collection we wanted to explore how patterns on textiles can bear visible signs that the human hand had been part of the design process,” say Danish design duo Barbara Bendix Becker and Mette Bache.

A fine, pine canvas

”Both the simple design and the untreated wood are typical for the Scandinavian furniture tradition. With TARVA chest of drawers we wanted to show our roots and create a modern, airy design,” say designers Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg. “We think it’s nice to be able to feel the natural material just as it is. And because you can stain or paint it without further treatment, everyone can create their own.”

Inspiration meets LED

Three new lamps, SOLKULLEN pendant lamp (right), ONSJÖ chandelier (top left) and HÄGGÅS pendant lamp (bottom left) embrace LED to create unique, playful and economical light. SOLKULLEN uses a technique that makes two-dimensional paper become a three-dimensional shade. And ONJSÖ was inspired by a gang of fireflies. Since LED lasts at least 20,000 hours and uses as much as 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, you save money and the environment.

A classic moves into a new room

A favorite in the rest of the house, the traditional style of HEMNES series now extends to bathrooms with black-brown and white pieces. The solid pine benches and shelving units make spots for towels and toiletries. Mirror cabinets with adjustable glass shelves and wash-stands with two drawers create storage that’s easy to reach while keeping things tidy.

Rustic industrial on wheels

”RÅSKOG trolley was inspired by typical industrial trolleys, like the ones you used to find in factories. There’s something about the rustic qualities and the honesty of these objects that I like, and that creates a sense of nostalgic yearning,” says designer Nike Karlsson. “I also like the fact that they’re very functional, almost like a tool in their own right. You can load RÅSKOG with heavy things like tools or potatoes, water bottles or pots and pans.”

Friends from the forest

Hedgehogs, foxes, berries, mushrooms, trees and more – they’re part of VANDRING, which in Swedish means ‘migration’ or ‘hike.’ Fantasy, curiosity, learning, connection – these are the core hopes of the collection’s quilt covers, pillow cases, blankets, sleeping bags, rugs, towels, curtains and soft toys. “I wanted the textile collection to get children to fantasize about animals and the environment,” says designer Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg.

Let childhood personalities pop

Finding patterns and colors that appeal to children was just as important as designing textiles that could help them create their own private space. That’s what designers Helena Svensson and Julia Bernholz thought when they designed a textile collection for children between the ages of eight and 12. The collection is called VÄNNERNA and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of children.

Lamps with soft style and cozy light

It may sound a bit strange that we turned to a designer who had previously made women’s hats and is educated in pattern making to design new lamps. But LYRIK floor lamp, table lamp and shade were never meant to be like ordinary lamps; they were meant to be like lamps that use textiles to create a softness, both in the light they give and in their style.

Fresh and flowery textiles for sunny days

“For BARBRO textile collection I wanted to create a fresh, romantic feeling with small flowers that can be easily combined with both striped and checked patterns,” says designer Helle Vilén. “When I painted the patterns for BARBRO I had a nostalgic feeling when I remembered my daughter’s dress when she was little. A free and easy romantic feeling that isn’t too serious, but instead is filled with bubbly summer laughter.”

Designing an identity

Modern, international, spacious – these were several words Danish design duo Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard were given to consider in creating a chair meant for dining that also wouldn’t be confined to a kitchen or dining room. With its welcoming upholstered seat made from a linen-inspired material blend and its distinct beech and steel legs, PREBEN has a strong design identity and a surprising little secret – it assembles without screws.

Shines like a sculpture

When Helena Svensson designed GAVIK table lamp she had decided on three things. One, to make the most of glass as a material and bring its qualities to a new level. Two, to create a lamp that would be a sculpture in its own right. Three, to ensure the lamp would spread beautiful effects when lit.

Luck, layers and laminate

We didn’t plan on putting a pattern on VILMAR chair in the beginning. It wasn’t until we decided to use durable laminate as a finish instead of the more sensitive lacquer that the possibilities emerged. Now we could put a pattern on the layer-glued seat that would match well with the chairs in color and wood veneer. So everyone can choose their own favorite for their own place around the dining table!

Bring tradition to the table

The new INGATORP dining table brings traditional style to mealtimes with detailed edges and turned legs in classic white. It’s easy to expand, too, seating up to 6 with an extra leaf that stores under the table top. And when the table extends, the legs follow along, which means nobody has to sit around a table leg and there’s no overhang where kids could hit their heads. Plus, with a clear lacquer finish, the top simply wipes clean.