Is your kitchen a paradise where you explore and perfect classic recipes? Or is it more of a jungle, where dinner is come by haphazardly, your salmon filet “blackened” on the outside and sushi on the inside? However you cook, you need some reliable pots and pans. With the right ones, cooking becomes easier and food tastes better. Don’t let your cookware sabotage your meals!

The different uses

Do you need pots to boil in, pans to fry in, or specialist pans for special dishes?

The different materials and surfaces

Different materials are good for different things. What you should choose depends on what you want to cook. You’ll find more useful information among the products.
Stainless steel
Stainless steel is very durable and can take the bumps of life in your kitchen. Stainless steel pots and pans without a non-stick coating are dishwasher safe, which makes them easy to maintain. Some of our best pans have an all-over aluminum core between two layers of stainless steel. The aluminum helps to conduct heat evenly through dense foods like stew. Other stainless steel pans feature a three-layer base, which distributes heat evenly and heats up quickly for better control when cooking.
Aluminum is a light material with excellent heat conducting properties.
But because it is a soft metal, cookware made purely of aluminum can get scratched and discolored. That’s why
we combine aluminum with a non-stick coating in our cookware. This also prevents food from sticking.
Cast iron
Although heavier than other materials, cast iron cookware is still unbeatable for browning food evenly. It’s also ideal for slow-cooking large dishes and casseroles. Cast iron pots and pans improve with age as they gradually absorb cooking fat into their porous surface.

Non-stick coating on pots and pans lets you use less fat to fry, stir-fry and brown food. It’s also ideal for cooking omelettes, pancakes and sauces: anything that tends to stick. IKEA cookware uses different levels of non-stick surfaces depending on the cooking requirements.
We have four different types of Teflon® non-stick coatings that we use on our pots and pans.

Teflon® Professional is our most hard-wearing non-stick coating made for those of you who set high standards and cook often. If correctly cared for, this cookware will last many years. It is used in our FAVORIT and STIL series.

Teflon® Platinum Plus is a very hard-wearing non-stick coating made for daily use. It is in our IKEA 365+ and MEDALJ series.

Teflon® Select is a hard-wearing non-stick coating perfect to cook with several times a week. It is used in our SKÄNKA series.

Teflon® Classic is a good non-stick coating for use a few times a week. It is in our KAVALKAD series and GRILLA grill pan.

We also have a basic non-stick coating for those of you who like to use non-stick pans occasionally. It is in our PYRA wok and STEKA frying pan.

The different sizes

The size of pots and pans you need depends on how many people you are cooking for – just you, a large family, friends ...

But even if it’s food for one, you’ll need a selection of different sizes for cooking different types of food, because if you want to make popcorn and you only have a pot big enough to cook two eggs, you won’t have much pop corn in the end. That’s not to say that you don’t need small pots and pans, because by always choosing the smallest possible size for the amount of food you’re cooking, you’re being energy efficient.

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