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Oxana – Deputy manager Communication & Interior design department, Russia
Previously a window decorator and merchandiser for Wolford, Naf-Naf, Escada and Christian Dior, Oxana knows a lot about designer brands. But it is at IKEA, that she feels most at home. “Even before IKEA had opened in Moscow I had heard a lot of good things about the Swedish company. For example, that they really look after their employees. Also, people seemed to find it a very pleasant place to work,” she says.

Oxana decided to find out more about IKEA for herself. “When a friend told me IKEA was looking for a merchandising specialist I decided to go along for an interview. I put on my smartest business suit and tucked a huge portfolio under my arm,” she recalls. On arrival at the interview, Oxana was greeted by informally dressed managers wearing warm, friendly smiles. “I immediately felt relaxed. I knew then that I wanted to work for IKEA.”

Oxana started working as a merchandiser for IKEA Moscow. She describes her initial approach: “I simply wanted to enjoy my work and become a true specialist.” For the next two years she gained valuable experience in a range of areas including, home organisation, textiles, wall decoration and the green room. She was then promoted to deputy first visual merchandiser. “That made me realise, with IKEA it was really possible to set goals and achieve them.”

In 2004, Oxana was promoted again, this time to the position of deputy manager. Communication & Interior design department. She describes the skills that she has developed working at IKEA: “It is important to really enjoy your work. I genuinely respect everyone around me, from co-workers to store visitors and strive to be hardworking, fair and open-hearted.”

Oxana recognises that all her co-workers are talented in one way or another and urges them to make the most of their abilities. “The main thing is to tap into this talent and allow managers and co-workers to recognise and develop it.”
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