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What’s it like to work at IKEA?
Sure, it all sounds great, but how do you know that IKEA really walks its talk? We interviewed IKEA co-workers in several countries doing different kinds of jobs to find out what they thought. Why not read these, and draw your own conclusions?

Edoardo – Customer services & marketing manager, Italy

“At IKEA everyone is treated as an individual. A lot of people are involved in the decision-making process. Everyone’s opinion is valued.”

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Ingeborg – Sales co-worker, Canada

At 71 years of age, Ingeborg should know a thing or two about choices.

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Martina – IT help desk, Sweden

“If you have been with IKEA for a long time you become part of the culture; it’s a way of thinking and a way of living.”

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Benny – Department head IKEA restaurant, Belgium

He attributes his career path to extensive catering knowledge, his thirst for learning and the opportunities that are available to him at IKEA.

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Frank – Store manager, Australia

“At IKEA there are no limits to what you can achieve, but it’s up to you take the opportunities.”

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Dick – Distribution manager, Holland

Rather than leaving IKEA, Dick asked himself, “Why not see a different side of it?”

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Julienne – HR systems specialist, United Kingdom

“IKEA has turned me into what I am. I have been given the freedom to learn and the opportunity to develop skills that I would not otherwise have had.”

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Jason – Environmental coordinator, Canada

“As a business, we recognise that what we do has an effect on the environment. We take responsibility for our actions and work to minimise these effects.”

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Angela – Store manager, China

She thrives on the freedom that IKEA gives and works hard to take opportunities as and when they arise.

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Mike – Commercial activities manager, Canada

“I suddenly found myself in a job where people would listen to what I was saying; they valued my judgement no matter what their position within IKEA. I found this very motivating.”

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Oxana – Deputy manager Communication & Interior design department, Russia

“It is important to really enjoy your work. I genuinely respect everyone around me, from co-workers to store visitors and strive to be hardworking, fair and open-hearted.”

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Peter – Range development, Sweden

“I wanted to work for a company that could offer me a challenging and stimulating situation as I tire easily of routine work.”

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Rene – Customer services, Austria

“Without the education and experience that IKEA has offered me, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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Yvonne– Food and beverages manager, Holland

“I knew I could do more at IKEA and I wanted to see what other opportunities there were for me.”

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Silke – Stock controller, Italy

As parents, Silke and her husband are real believers in the IKEA policy of achieving a good balance between your work and personal life.

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True stories
Customer services & marketing manager, Italy
Sales co-worker, Canada
IT help desk, Sweden
Department head IKEA restaurant, Belgium
Store manager, Australia
Distribution manager, Holland
HR systems specialist, United Kingdom
Environmental coordinator, Canada
Store manager, China
Commercial activities manager, Canada
Deputy manager Communication & Interior design department, Russia
Range development, Sweden
Customer services, Austria
Food and beverages manager, Holland
Stock controller, Italy