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Dick – Distribution manager, Holland
Dick has spent more than 23 years at IKEA, most of them in retail. “After so many years in retail I knew every corner of the store. Finance was about the only thing I hadn’t done,” he says.

Born and based in Holland, Dick took a number of professional courses with IKEA including an MBA. But after 20 years in retail and having worked his way up to become a pilot store manager, Dick began to feel restless “Working in a pilot store wasn’t like working in a normal store,” he explains, “and I didn’t really feel like going back to a normal store.”

Rather than leaving IKEA, Dick asked himself, “Why not see a different side of it?” He began investigating his options and took a job as a wholesale manager in distribution. In his new role, Dick has to deal with volume and turnover and to adapt his whole approach to the business. “In the stores,” he says, “I could change things and directly see the results. Here it’s more long term planning.”

Three years down the line Dick is now store distribution manager for IKEA distribution services across the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium. “My leadership position relies on my extensive knowledge of IKEA built up over many years. This includes the company values, company culture and knowledge of the supply chain.”

Dick sums up, “At IKEA we are all treated as individuals and we are all working for the same result.” He adds, “IKEA opens up a lot of doors to develop oneself both on a personal and on a professional level. To me it’s a way of life.”
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