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The store is where our visitors meet IKEA face to face. We want to give our visitors plenty of ideas, solutions and inspiration. It should be fun and easy to shop and the customers should be able to do most of their shopping by themselves. When a visitor needs assistance, a well-informed and friendly co-worker should be on hand to attend to his or her needs. Achieving our high standards in this respect requires a keen and skilled team in each store, from motivated and responsible managers and team leaders to enthusiastic staff at the loading bay, warehouse, sales, checkouts, restaurant, administration and display.


Key goals of our sales co-workers are to have an attractive and efficient sales area and to give accurate information to customers. They need to interact in a friendly and helpful way at all times which generates a positive environment to stimulate sales.

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In the phase before our products reach the store, IKEA distribution service makes sure all goods are transported from suppliers to stores. However, once in the stores, logistics handles the off-loading and arrangement of goods.

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Graphics and interior design

The IKEA graphics & interior design teams work in the sales area as part of the commercial team with the sales and logistics teams to make the visitors’ shopping experience truly inspirational.

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Customer service

Like any store, we hope our customers will want to come back. It is the role of customer service co-workers to encourage this, by ensuring every single visit to IKEA is a positive experience.

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IKEA food services

The IKEA restaurant and Swedish food market are the two elements which together make up IKEA food services. Both encourage people to visit the IKEA store and to spend more time here, and in this way they support the store’s total home furnishing sales.

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Store support

Each IKEA store needs to be properly staffed, safe for employees and customers to move around in, and of course it needs to pay its bills on time. Making sure these things happen is the job of store support - a single name for a very varied area!

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- Logistics
- Graphics and interior design
- Customer service
- IKEA food services
- Store support
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