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Preppy Chic
Enjoy classic academic style—no Ivy League education required—by
adding traditional patterns and literary touches to your room.
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A chic room displaying various IKEA furniture: a desk, pillows, chair, lamp, books and decorations.
Preppy Chic products BLAVINDA twin duvet cover set SMANATE cushion cover DAGGVIDE cushion cover
Preppy Chic products Shop FYRESDAL FYRESDAL twin daybed frame
Preppy Chic products STRIMLONN throw HODDE rug flatwoven ROMSKOG underbed storage box
Preppy Chic products FJALLBO laptop table KULLABERAG swivel chair HEKTAR work lamp with LED bulb
Preppy Chic products ERSATTA block candle holder ERSATTA block candle holder GEMLA pictures, set of 2
Preppy Chic products KVARNVIK box with lid KVARNVIK box with lid FJALLA box with lid
Preppy Chic products EKBY JARPEN/ EKBY VALTER wall shelf BRADA laptop support SVARTSJON hook rack
Preppy Chic products UPPHETTA coffee/tea maker KLATTA decorative stickers IKEA Store Locator
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