Most people see IKEA products.
We see the many inspiring roles that make them possible.
Silhouette of IKEA products representing different work areas at IKEA.
You see possibilities. So do we.
Behind every product are teams of people who are committed to developing themselves and our business. Come grow with us.
IKEA Bang Yai is waiting to work with you!
We're looking for you to be part of our big family with more than 80 available jobs waiting for you at IKEA Bang Yai.
There are lots more range of fields to the home furnishing business than you might think, including Sales, Logistics,
Customer Relations, IKEA Food & Beverage and more! Apply online now.
We think a little differently. We act differently.
We share a passion for home furnishing, but people at IKEA do more than sell functional and affordable products. We work toward an inspiring vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our Swedish heritage and our values are fundamental. We develop open workplaces where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and contribute ideas. We are not afraid to take on responsibility. We are straightforward and down-to-earth. We strive to make a positive impact on people and the planet. We laugh and have fun on a daily basis, working together. And we are always looking for more people who share our values to join the IKEA family. Learn more about culture and check out our available jobs.
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Find out what our co-workers like about working for IKEA.
Image of a small road in Småland, Sweden
Read about how Ingvar Kamprad described IKEA values in The Testament of a Furniture Dealer (PDF)
IKEA values
We believe that every individual has something valuable to offer and we strive to have the same values in the way we work.
Leadership by example
Our managers act according to IKEA values, create an atmosphere of well-being and expect the same from co-workers.
Constant desire for renewal
We know that adapting to customer needs with innovative solutions contributes to a better everyday life at home.
Togetherness and enthusiasm
Together, we have the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. We do it all the time.
Low prices are impossible without low costs, so we proudly achieve good results with small resources.
Striving to meet reality
We stay true to practical solutions to develop, improve and make decisions based on reality.
Humbleness and willpower
We respect each other, our customers and our suppliers. Using our willpower means we get things done.
Daring to be different
We question old solutions and, if we have a better idea, we are willing to change.
Accept and delegate
responsibilityWe promote co-workers with potential and stimulate them to surpass their expectations.
We take an easy-going, straightforward approach when solving problems, dealing with people or facing challenges.
Constantly being “on the way”
We review what’s done today and ask what can be done better tomorrow, so we can find new ideas and inspiration.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing a work area
Most people see a cushion.
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a culture that values everyone, regardless of where you come from and what you have done previously.”
Michelle Noveda
Commercial Activity Manager, Sales
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a company where I can be myself and am encouraged to challenge the status quo. The way we work at IKEA is special.”
Arun Issar
Financial Controller,
Service Office Finance
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see freedom to make decisions and a lot of co-workers with passion. We do things from the heart for the many people.”
Ahmad Eirzrein Bin Ahmad Shahaimi
Visual Merchandizer ,
Communication & Interior Design
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see an open workplace. My supervisor is open to listen to my ideas and see if they align. If not, I will receive feedback to be able to analyze. We listen to each other. ”
Kittima Limsirivallop
Sales Supply Support Manager,
In-Store Logistics
Career paths as unique as you are
Working for our IKEA franchise makes you part of a fast-paced family of people who enjoy exceptional career and learning possibilities. We have an ambitious expansion plan in Southeast Asia and are committed to helping people develop. We encourage co-workers to try different roles, change between functions and even move between countries (if that’s what you want!) We design our own career path with a manager and create a development plan to help reach professional goals. As you grow, IKEA grows too. Explore our many different work areas and search our available jobs.
IKEA careers are different.
Hear some of our co-workers talk about their experiences.
A look at what we do
There’s a lot more to the home furnishing business than you might think!
We offer opportunities in a broad range of fields:
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Sales
We have a passion for retail and people. We work daily with the IKEA range and our self-serve concept.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Communication and interior design
Communication and interior design
Our strategic and visual talent brings thousands of IKEA products to life – in our stores and in other media.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Logistics
We are creating the best possible flow from supplier to customers. Secures that all our products are available to sell when we open the store.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Customer relations
Customer relations
We work in roles inside and outside stores, from the checkouts, exchange & returns and country customer contact centres.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area IKEA FOOD/restaurant
IKEA FOOD and restaurants
We love food! We are working mostly in the restaurant, Bistro and Swedish Food Market at our IKEA stores.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Finance and business navigation
Finance and business navigation
We look after IKEA financial requirements and make strategic business decisions that create growth.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Human resources
Human resources
We take care of recruitment, training and benefits. It’s our job to attract, develop and inspire our many co-workers.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Sustainability
We work to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and to help people live a more sustainable life at home.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Marketing and communication
Marketing and communication
Our mission is to build the IKEA brand and inspire people to find value in what we have to offer.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area E-commerce
We work to develop the IKEA online shopping experience in our stores in Southeast Asia.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Property
Expansion team
Our mission is to analyse new markets, source land, and design and construct new IKEA Stores and Shopping Centres anchored by IKEA.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area IKEA business solutions
IT business solutions
We support IKEA with business solutions. We believe in quick, user-friendly services rather than just technology.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area IKEA centers
Ikano Centres
We manage shopping centres anchored by IKEA, providing value to our tenants and creating vibrant destinations where people shop, dine and play under one roof.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Others
We optimise and find synergies in all our purchasing processes.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Others
Yes, we have even more roles! You’ll find almost endless opportunities in our wide IKEA world.
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing a work area.
Most people see a watering can.
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a company that supported my growth - from a part-timer to a manager. Now I see my responsibility to help others grow too!”
Mohammad Kamsani
Goods Flow Manager,
In-store Logistics
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a place where we really learn on the job, moving between departments and taking on challenging assignments. No two days are the same.”
Zimon Lomboy
Services Manager,
Customer Relations
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a global company that provides chances to travel and learn from people around the world…”
April Kwan
Interior Design Leader,
Service Office
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a place where people never stop learning. I started as a fryer in the bistro and now I am a team leader.”
Muhammad Rizal Bin Sunalim
Kitchen Team Leader,
A place where you belong
We are part of a global family of co-workers and believe employing people of different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints helps us build strong teams. Our regional Service Office includes people from more than 25 countries, and diversity is a big part of what make IKEA a fun place to work!
Every co-worker can expect fair treatment regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, age or position in our company. Here you can always be yourself. In fact, we encourage it!
What are the benefits of working with IKEA?
Our co-workers have many different answers.
Working with us has its rewards
Wherever your work within IKEA Southeast Asia, you enjoy a wide range of benefits. Here are just some of them:
IKEA discounts   Co-workers are our most valued customers and are entitled to a 15% discount on any home furnishings and food sold in our stores, from the first day of work.
Maternity and paternity leave   We give mothers four consecutive months of maternity leave and fathers receive four weeks of paid time off after a baby has arrived to help share the joys - and responsibilities - at home.
Gifts   We enjoy special occasions together and give gifts to mark seasonal celebrations, birthdays, marriage, the arrival of a baby. We reward loyalty through our Long Service Awards.
Work environment   As home furnishing experts, we take pride in providing inspiring workplaces that showcase IKEA products and create a relaxed, open atmosphere where we work side by side.
Incentive plan   All co-workers may earn an annual financial reward when we meet our shared business objectives.
IKEA co-workers
Co-worker restaurants
We serve fresh and healthy food at our co-worker restaurants and subsidize the meals. On peak days, the food may even be free!
a photo collage of different IKEA co-workers
Learning and development
We offer dozens of courses, from functional trainings and English lessons to advanced leadership. All new co-workers get a buddy and on-the-floor coaching.
IKEA co-worker
Making a positive impact
We are all entitled to a day of paid leave each year to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our charitable partners or volunteer for a good cause.
Part-time co-workers are
full members of our family
We want to meet our customers when many people shop – on weekends, nights and public holidays. To meet the demands, IKEA employs part-time co-workers as permanent members of our family. Part-time co-workers are entitled to a fair (pro-rated) share of all the benefits our full-time co-workers enjoy – from medical coverage to annual incentive pay. The learning journey is the same too. That’s why many part-timers stay and grow with IKEA.
See what our co-workers have to say about working part-time for IKEA
Silhouette of an IKEA product representing a work area
Most people see a mug.
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a sustainable business that values people and rewards long service.”
Allan Chin
Recovery Team Leader
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a workplace that treats part timers as equals and gives me flexibility to be at home with my kids.”
Malou Cristobal
Part-time Sales Assistant
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a brand and products that many people love.”
Victoria Farnworth
Learning and Development Specialist
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see a company with an inspiring vision that motivates me in everyday work.”
Ken Ng
Commercial Campaign & Activities Leader
Service Office, Sales
Image of IKEA co-worker
“I see the little coffee and tea breaks we take together, the good times I have with friends at work!”
Valerie Goh
Visual Merchandiser,
Communication & Interior Design
For a sustainable future
Discover what sustainability means to us at IKEA and what role we play in taking care of people and the planet. Find out more in People & Planet
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Our organization
If you would like to find out more about what we do before you apply for a position, you can learn all about us here. About IKEA
Young man having a coffee at the IKEA store restaurant