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Building a walk-in closet in a small bedroom before bedtime

Building a walk-in closet in a small bedroom may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s pretty easy to do. With a PAX wardrobe system you can divide your room and double your storage in one afternoon, without an architect.
Wardrobes for small bedrooms

No carpenter. No problem

PAX wardrobes make great room dividers. Here we used two 100cm wardrobes sandwiched between two 50cm wardrobes to create a room divider and walk-in closet that holds loads of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Choosing a curtain over doors is less expensive and requires less space. On the opposite wall, hooks and hangers can hold those not-quite-dirty clothes you would normally toss on a chair, and rails can be used to prepare your outfit for the next day.
Small bedroom storage and bedside table in one

A nook for your bed and place for your book

Creating the small nook on the backside of the PAX wardrobes is easy–just get a bit of fabric, a staple gun, and two additional 50cm PAX units. Using kitchen cabinet doors, instead of closet doors, leaves the bottom third of the closet open, making it a great substitute for a bedside table.
Bed tray table for great functionality

One table. Many uses

Is it a desk? A breakfast-in-bed tray? A vanity table? Yes, yes, and yes. Just because the walk-in closet makes the bedroom space smaller doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality. Picking furniture that serves multiple functions, like a MALM occasional table, lets you outsmart your small bedroom.

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Creating your dream wardrobe is just a few clicks away

From the inside structure, to the doors, to all the organisers you could possible want, PAX wardrobes are customisable so you can decide what solution is best for you.

See what goes inside

No matter what size your wardrobe, it’s how you organise it that makes life run more smoothly. So customise your wardrobe with KOMPLEMENT interior organisers that are tailor-made for you and all your clothes.