*Tree stand is sold separately and available while stocks last

How to buy IKEA's Christmas tree

At cash line

1. Purchase at check out by informing the cashier your preferred tree size, either 1.6 m. or 2.0 m.

* If you want to bring the tree home by yourself, please read No. 2.
* If you want to use our Delivery service, please read No 5.

At IKEA Car Park Zone A

2. Bring your receipt and a live Christmas tree coupon to Car Park Zone A. (See Map 1)
3. Show your receipt and coupon to our co-worker.
4. Our co-worker will stamp your receipt and handover your tree.

At Home Delivery counter, G Floor

5. Bring your receipt to Home Delivery counter at G Floor

At your cozy home

6. Keep your receipt for recycling at IKEA and getting full refund.

26th December 2012 – 6th January 2013 at IKEA

7. Bring your receipt and your “used-to-be-live Christmas tree” to IKEA.
8. Drop your tree at IKEA Entrance Zone Car park (See Map2) and Exit Area near Shuttle bus stop (See Map 3)
9. Show your receipt at Customer Relations counter to get full refund in gift card.

*The refund program is applicable for 1.6 m. and 2.0 m. live Christmas trees only.
Other Pine trees and tree stands are not included in the refund program.

Download customer guide book: