Swedish Food Market


Besides the popular Swedish brands, we've also launched our own line of food products to make sure you can enjoy IKEA quality and low prices whenever you want. Check out the whole range of Swedish traditonal specialties in our food shop situated after the checkouts.
July 2014 While stocks last!
Vegetable Medallion
Crab Spread
Thin Soft Bread
Multigrain bread baking mix
Mini Croustades
Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
Sparkling Pear/Apple drink
Spiced Snaps / Snaps with lemon & elderflower
Chocolate Butterscotch spread
Fried Onion
Sliced Pickled Gherkins
Almondcake chocolate & butterscotch

Swedish Food Market Offers

Store Campaign Offer
Elk-shaped Pasta, Tomato Sauce and Chicken Weiner
$14.50 UP$16.60
Available in Tampines only.
Store Campaign Offer
Oat Crisp and Filter coffee
$10.50 UP$12
Available in Alexandra only.
Combination Offer
Smoked Salmon and Crispbread multigrain $13.50 UP$15.40
Upsizing Offer
Sparkling Pear/Apple Drink
Any 5 cans for $10 UP$12.50
Available in IKEA Alexandra only.
$2.60 UP$3.30
Frozen Pancake and Strawberry Jam
$10.80 UP$13.50