Practical tips

Girl checking out fabrics at the IKEA store

Practical help for the hands-on shopper

You don’t have to plan ahead to shop at IKEA. But in case you want a head start, this will help.

Planning ahead
Bags and trolleys
Children are welcome
Choosing and comparing
Take a break
Get it home faster
Paid services
Planning ahead
The IKEA catalogue front cover

Prepare to be inspired

Both the IKEA catalogue and this website are sources of inspiring room settings, product information and, in the case of the web, current figures on how many of your items are in stock. (You can even create a shopping list and print it out.)
Computer and magazine

Free on-line planning tools

Use our on-line guides and planners to experiment all you like, and then send your plan to our IKEA server if you want to talk it over, or print it out.
Check product availability

Before you come to the store, make sure all the products you want to buy are in stock that day.
Shopping list icon with a cart and a mouse pointer hand

Make a shopping list online

As you browse our website, you can keep an online list for reference later when you visit your IKEA store.
Bags and trolleys
Bags and trolleys

Extra practical bags and trolleys
All kinds of products require all kinds of shopping alternatives. Big shopping bags are available in many places around the store and different types of trolleys are usually right where you need them. There’s even one that makes shopping with a small child easier and safer.
Children are welcome
Different coloured marbles

Fun and games

Supervised and unsupervised play areas, baby bottle warmers, baby care areas and children's meals – could we say “children welcome” any better than this?
Choosing and comparing
Two price tags

Jam-packed price tags

Price is just the beginning. We fit a wealth of information on our price tags. Dimensions, shapes and sizes, materials, colours, fabrics, article numbers, where to pick up the product and more.
Pencil and paper

Pencil and shopping list

You never know when you’ll want to write things down, add them up. Make sure you keep track of article numbers for pick-up in the self-serve area, too. Pencils and shopping lists are available all around the store.
Customer and employee at an info kiosk

Info kiosks

We’ve set up information kiosks in areas where the products come with a lot of options so you can plan and calculate. Here’s where you can look up information and configure your home space.
Woman looking at note

Product advice

Ask our co-workers – they know the details of our products better than anyone else in the store.
Woman drinking coffee

Take a break

Every IKEA store has at least one area where you can put your shopping aside and relax for a while. Sit down, grab a bite to eat and contemplate your next purchase.
Credit card, red car, trolley with flat packs

Get it home faster

Flat packs
Easy to stack means easy to pack into your car. Unless you’re travelling by bike. Then you might want try our home delivery service.

Loading zones outside
There are areas for loading your buys into the car just outside the store.

Home delivery
Is the sofa too big for the bus?
Illustration of Ask Anna

Want some extra help?

Paid services
Doing things yourself at IKEA keeps prices low, but help is always available for a small fee. We offer useful services such as product assembly, kitchen installation and sewing services.
Ask Anna

Contact us

If you have questions about products or anything about the store, you can send us an e-mail or give us a call.