Midsummer is celebrated in many parts of the world as the longest day of the year. In northern parts of Sweden, the sun actually never sets at all! Though many old traditions are gone today but it is mainly a celebration of summer, joy and for the lucky, perhaps romance.

An authentic Swedish Midsummer centres around the Midsummer pole, be it a town celebration or private party. Children and adults will collect flowers and greenery from the fields and woods to dress the pole and make flower wreaths for wearing on their heads.
See how the midsummer pole and midsummer wreath is made.

People would gather for the raising of the Midsummer pole. Then there are ring dances, singing and competitions while folk music sounds from the fiddles and accordions.
midsummer buffet

And so, it is time for what everyone has been waiting for - the midsummer buffet!

Nothing captures the essence of Swedish summer like a midsummer buffet table. Assorted herrings alongside boiled potatoes with chopped chives is the spread's centrepiece. But there has to be something for those who don't fancy herrings. Like salmon, pies or meatballs. Bread and cheese on the side. As for the kids, a yummy hotdog with bread will do the trick.

Beer and snaps is the suitable table drink. But there's also the fruity drinks- in form of sparkling, juice or syrups.

As full as all may be after the buffet, there is always room for some desserts, biscuits or sweets which is what make the spread and celebration complete. Fresh strawberries with whipped cream is inevitable!

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Marinated herrings
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smoked salmon
Frozen smoked salmon
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cheese pie
Cheese pie
A short-crust pastry with distinct taste of ripened cheese and leek.
Canned beer, 5.3% alcohol content
Malty taste with some bitter and a nice fruity aroma.
sparking drink
Sparkling drink, apple & lingonberry or pear
These non-alcoholic drinks add on just as much sparks & festive mood!
Organic lingonberry drink $5.90
The mini packs are just the right size for kids and an healthier option too.
cinnamon bun
Ready to bake cinnamon bun, frozen
The most popular pastry in Sweden, so it definitely can't be missed out in the buffet!
rhubarb crumble pie
Serve warm as a dessert, preferably with vanilla sauce.

Here are some simple recipes to spice up your midsummer buffet spread.

Arctic Flatbread Shrimp Sandwich
Click here for recipe
Swedish Caviar Roll
Click here for recipe
Sparkling Elderflower Drink
Click here for recipe
Pancake Cake
Click here for recipe

The fresh taste of rhubarb in summer

In Sweden, its very common to grow rhubarb in the garden. But enjoying rhubarb more or less requires sugar to balance the intense tartness of the plant. That’s why it wasn’t until the 17th century, as sugar became available to common people, that rhubarb got a foothold in Europe. Its popularity grew and today the fresh taste of rhubarb is always appreciated in Sweden.

A rhubarb crumble pie is one of the true classic Swedish summer desserts, and it is preferably enjoyed with some vanilla whip.

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