IKEA restaurant

IKEA Restaurant Menu

Whether you choose to eat a full meal or some afternoon snacks, we promise you a pleasant experience that’s easy on your wallet when you dine at the IKEA Restaurant. Go for a healthier choice and choose our organic foods. Plus, we do all the cooking!
Cinnamon Bun with Coffee
Cinnamon bun
KANELBULLAR, the no.1 pastry in Sweden. Enjoy this incredible Swedish fika offer daily!
Loh Mai Kai
Siew Mai
Tuna Croissant
French Toast Set
Available on 24 Feb-2 Mar, 10-16 Mar, 24-30 Mar
Hotcake Set
Available on 3-9 Mar, 17-23 Mar, 31 Mar-6 Apr
Gravad Lax Plate
Gravad lax
Slices of salmon cured in dill and mild spices, gravad lax is a Swedish classic you'll love - especially with the sweet mustard sauce.
Cold Water Prawns
Cold water prawns
Caught from Greenland's deep waters, served chilled with lemon & dill to enjoy the subtleties of their delicate flavour.
Shrimp Sandwich
Shrimp sandwich
Another way to enjoy Greenland's shrimps, in a hearty sandwich with lettuce, eggs and mayonnaise.
Salmon Sashimi
Served with shrimp salad.
Mushroom Pancake
Filled with mushroom and cheese. While stocks last.
Swedish Meatballs
10pcs $5.50
15pcs $8.00
20pcs $9.50
Available daily from 9.30am onwards.
Poached Salmon with Chives Sauce
Served with potato medallion and mixed vegetables.
BBQ Pork Ribs
served with fries.
Curry Chicken with Rice
Vegetarian Pasta
Special Dish
Half spring chicken with broccoli and fries
Half spring chicken, almond cake and soft drink
$8.50 UP$10.90
Halal Dishes

Available at IKEA Tampines only.
Halal Pasta with Meatballs
Halal Meatballs
10pcs $5.50
15pcs $8.00
20pcs $9.50
Nasi Lemak
Fried Rice
Nasi Padang
Chicken Wings
2 pcs $2.80
6 pcs $7.50
Kids Meal
$2.90 each
Princess Cake
An airy cake on a sponge cake base, filled with raspberry jam, whipped cream and vanilla custard and coated with pink marzipan
Dark Chocolate Cake
With chocolate and butterscotch
Almond Cake
With cream and almond