Sales co-worker

Ingeborg – Sales co-worker, Canada

Ingeborg – Sales co-worker, Canada

Ingeborg has spent more than 24 years at IKEA – all of them in sales. “One day, back in 1981, I was walking past an IKEA store in my home town of Mississauga, (Ontario, Canada) and wandered in to see what it was all about,” she recalls. “I enquired about a job and was hired on the spot.”

Since then, Ingeborg has been a co-worker on the shop floor in North York, Toronto, and is now based in the Etobicoke store in Ontario. Among other things, Ingeborg makes sure everything in the store is priced up, she checks for damaged goods, and she ensures everything is always neat and tidy on the shop floor.

But her favourite aspect of the job is dealing with the everyday visitors. “The customers that come in are very diverse,” she explains. “I enjoy talking to them and helping them to make their choices.”

And at 71 years of age, Ingeborg should know a thing or two about choices. “Everyone asks me why I am still working,” she laughs. “I tell them I love my job. There is always a great atmosphere in the store; I really enjoy the company of my managers and co-workers. We work together very well.”

Ingeborg has learnt that helping each other and working together is the key to a successful business. At IKEA this is a big part of the culture. In turn, the company has experienced great success over the years. “In the 24 years I have been here, the business has changed a lot. It is growing year on year and getting better and better,” she enthuses.

When asked if she plans to continue working at IKEA, Ingeborg is philosophical. ‘IKEA is good to me, there is no pressure to retire. I just take it day by day.”