Graphics & interior design

Graphics and interior design

The IKEA graphics & interior design teams work in the sales area as part of the commercial team with the sales and logistics teams to make the visitors’ shopping experience truly inspirational. Using their design skills and grasp of merchandising techniques, their role is to ensure the visual identity of the store and make it easier for customers to buy our products with as little assistance as possible. They design the room settings and product displays in such a way as to make the whole product range both attractive and visible.

Examples of work areas in graphics and interior design are:

Graphic design
IKEA has a strong and well-developed graphic language. It is the role of graphic design to safeguard this, and use our well-established communication concepts to help customers navigate easily around the store. Graphic designers are responsible for all the store’s communications needs –explaining how to shop, advertising the restaurant etc.
Interior design
The designers’ job is to come up with inspirational and functional home furnishing solutions - solutions that present the IKEA range both attractively and efficiently. Being in tune with the trends is important in helping IKEA evolve, as is a respect for IKEA’s design profile. Interior designers are involved in every area of the store from room settings to offices and restaurant facilities.
We want visitors to IKEA to be able to shop easily. Merchandisers are in constant contact with sales staff and logistics, working throughout the store to come up with commercial and efficient solutions that help achieve this goal. A merchandising expert is sensitive to the IKEA aesthetic, whilst being able to think of new and original merchandising ideas.