Customer service

Customer service

Like any store, we hope our customers will want to come back. It is the role of customer service co-workers to encourage this, by ensuring every single visit to IKEA is a positive experience. Our teams provide a high quality service by being available and being tuned in to the customers’ needs - before, during and after a purchase.

Customer service co-workers have to think of everything. It’s not only about being friendly and helpful to customers, but concerns store accessibility, rest and recreation areas, nappy changing facilities and call centres. All employees in this area should have the necessary knowledge to solve our customers’ problems before they even arise! That way, we put them in the most positive frame of mind to buy our products.

Chances of promotion

Working at an IKEA store you get the opportunity to learn all about the IKEA customer culture. A job in the customer service department allows you to develop diverse skills and increase your knowledge of IKEA at all levels. It is therefore a good place to acquire new knowledge and achieve a position of responsibility, enabling you move upwards within the organization.

Examples of work areas in customer service are:

Customer relations
We want our visitors to enjoy themselves at IKEA and be happy to return. To help things along, customer relations co-workers welcome customers and provide them with any advice and information they may need during a visit to the store. For this, they need a thorough knowledge of the IKEA product range and an ability to communicate it.
Returns desk
When IKEA customers bring a product back, a little extra courtesy may be required to maintain their good will. The job of a returns co-worker therefore not only involves managing the transaction in a swift and professional manner, but also providing positive customer service experience that strengthens our position as the best home furnishing store. Good communication and problem solving skills, computer aptitude and physical fitness are examples of qualities needed for this job.
We want kids enjoy their visit to IKEA since this gives their parents peace of mind to enjoy their shopping. Working at the ballroom, you help to make the store visit a positive experience for everyone. You supervise the children and ensure that they are safe. You see to it that the necessary supplies are available and that the area is clean. Previous childcare experience is an advantage if you plan to work here, but we also look for a courteous manner and good communication skills.
Check out
Working in the check-out department, you have direct contact with customers. Since this is usually the last contact the customer has, this meeting can have a strong impact on the way people feel about the store. A broad knowledge of the products, services and different payment methods IKEA offers are important in this job, as is a positive and friendly manner.
Service/Call Centre
We want customers who call the store to feel the same welcome they get when they pay us a visit in person. This is down to our service/call centre co-workers. They answer customer calls and, equipped with state-of-the-art IT tools, they follow-up orders step by step in order to provide customers with accurate information. This department is on the front line when it comes to complaints about errors in our systems, so it is important that co-workers here can give internal feedback that helps prevent future problems.