Delivery Service

Home Delivery

IKEA products are designed and conveniently packed in flat boxes so that you can transport them yourself from the store to your home. If you'd prefer a little help or don't have the room in your car, we can help you arrange door-to-door delivery by an appointed home delivery service provider.

Please note that purchases from both stores cannot be combined into one delivery. A separate delivery charge is applicable.
You do your part, we do our part and together we save!

Faced with ever-increasing costs, it becomes even more important that IKEA, it’s partners and customers come together in stronger collaboration.

We strongly encourage our customers to do as much as possible on their own to combat the increasing costs of transportation and labour.

We know it is not always easy doing everything yourself so in return, IKEA offers a *12 month price guarantee as well as endeavour to lower our prices every year.

*12 months price guarantee refers to catalogue products where there will be no price increases during the catalogue year.