Assembly Services

Assembly services

Do you want help assembling your furniture?

Most IKEA products are designed to be assembled by the customer at home. If you prefer or need assistance assembling your furniture, we can recommend an independent in-home assembly service. For a reasonable charge, they'll put it all together. Basic assembly will cost you 12% of the retail price of the item that needs assembly, subjected to a minimum charge of $40. If you decided after bringing your products home that you need help with assembly after all, there will be a call-out charge of $35 per trip.

The independent in-home assembly service also provides wall drilling service.

Please approach our independent contractors for services such as:

Installation of lights
Installation of floorboards
Extra wiring or extension
Addition of power points

Apart from the loaning of tools for dismantling of purchased AS-IS products, we also offer complimentary short-term loans of power drills for wall drillings. Please approach our customer service officers at the Exchange & Returns counter for more information.