Press material for the Launch of LWC and the 2014 IKEA Catalogue

This year at IKEA, we’re turning our focus to the most important people in the world: children.
IKEA has always sided with the many families. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge about families, and their needs and dreams. What we have learned is this: What children want is to spend time with their parents. It’s a wish that doesn’t come with any requirements. It’s about those everyday moments, sometimes so small they don’t even have a name. Things like sharing a meal, or even just lying on the sofa, legs crossed. How great then that “everyday” comes every day.
Watch the Living with Children film and four every day moments.
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IKEA Catalogue 2014
Living with Children starts already in the catalogue, which is overflowing with tips and ideas for creating a better everyday life at home. It’s filled with exciting stories behind our products and new ideas to help people to love their homes a little more.
Last year, we introduced the world to the IKEA Catalogue app and forever changed the way people experience the IKEA Catalogue. This year’s newest feature is the augumented reality feature, which makes it possible to see how over 100 products in the IKEA Catalogue fit in your home.
Here’s a taste of what’s coming:
• augumented reality, place furniture in your room
• inspirational how-to films
• updates on new products throughout the year
• image galleries with additional photos
• stories around our products and designers
• 3D and interactive views
Download the free IKEA Catalogue app from your app store to a smartphone or tablet, scan the pages of the catalogue and get inspired!

Click on the respective app store to download: iTunes App Store | Google play
Home furnishing ideas for living with children
Space to be together,
room to be alone
Every family has its own unique needs. But there is one need that’s shared – the need for a bit of personal space, no matter how much we enjoy spending time together. Whether it’s one or four combined, bunk beds allow you to carve out dedicated, personal space for the kids.
Being creative
Creativity needs room to grow. What better place than at a big table (or tables) where the whole family can be creative together? This super creative room from the 2014 IKEA Catalogue sports some extra content when you scan the plus symbol using the IKEA Catalogue app.
Doing things together
One place you’re sure to find kids playing is on the floor. They love to spread out – there’s just something so freeing about it. With some cushions and textile covered mattresses in a corner, you can create a comfortable spot to while away the hours together.
Room for sustainability
Showing children how to reuse, recycle and/or grow their own food not only gives them valuable tools they’ll use throughout their lives, it’s also a great opportunity for the family to spend more time together.
Life at home
Across the world today, families are constantly evolving. The ‘traditional’ model of two parents is decreasing as different constellations of families like single parents; re-established two parents, communities and multi-generations become more commonplace.
In 2010, IKEA released ‘The Play Report,’ our findings from survey fieldwork carried out in 25 countries about family life, child development and the importance of play. Here are few key points we learned about how today’s families feel about life and what challenges they face.
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of parents feel that they should ‘encourage more creativity at home’, but they don’t know how.
of children agree that ‘I like playing inside the house.’
of parents agree that ‘I believe that I do spend enough quality time with my children’.
Designing for children
For children, life revolves around play. At IKEA, we take play seriously, collaborating with child psychologist experts, parents and kids for fun and functional input. Here are some new and old favourites.
“We use knowledge about living situations and children’s development to design safe, healthy products that also help influence the next generation to live more sustainably.”
Maria Thörn, product development manager for Children’s IKEA.
BÖRJA training beaker is BPA-free. With details like anti-slip bottoms on the tableware and large handles on the beaker, children learn to feed themselves.
MÅLA arts and crafts series encourages creativity with a wide range of art supplies designed to be easy to use for kids. Non-toxic MÅLA felt-tip pens, for example, are easy to grip, washable and can have their caps left off for up to 3 days without drying out.
Making every moment count
At IKEA, we know every moment counts when it comes to living with children. Here you’ll see a few of the many moments we’ve managed to capture at home with real families.
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