Food at IKEA

Meatballs and potatoes
Salmon course

Swedish meatballs, knäckebröd and six kinds of herring

We know how much Malaysians like shopping and eating, and this is why we have our IKEA Restaurant right in the heart of our store.

Think of our IKEA Restaurant as a resting place for you and your family to indulge your taste buds with our palatable array of Swedish and daily specials. And all at very appetising prices too!
Easy-to-prepare meals

Don't just go Swedish on furniture - try some Swedish delicacies as well! At the IKEA store, we are extremely proud of our Swedish heritage. And in our Swedish Food Market, you'll find a popular selection of delicious snacks and food products which you can treat yourself to.

Also available are some of our well-loved IKEA Restaurant dishes such as Swedish meatballs and salmon, which are frozen-packed so that it is always easy to bring a little bit of Sweden back to your home.
Hot dog

One more thing before you go

If you feel like having a nibble after some heavy-duty shopping, freshen up at our Bistro.

Grab a piping hot chicken hotdog and refresh yourself with our variety of beverages, or indulge in some smooth vanilla ice-cream.

The best thing is that each item is priced such that it will just be a little nibble on your pocket. What a wonderful way to complete your IKEA shopping experience.