Free Kid's Club - småles
All children between 4 - 10 years old can join our kid's club called småles.
As a member, you'll get free drinks, discounted meals, quarterly newsletters,
chance to participate in activities, redeem for goodies and much more!

Room to eat
If your kids aren't happy, you're not happy. With our special children's menu and
play area meal times never have to be a chore! Other facilities include high chairs
and microwave ovens for warming milk. We also have a babycare room located
near the restaurant for you and your young ones.
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Room to shop
The most important people in the world deserve furnishings made just for them.
You'll find plenty of colourful, playful products for kids' rooms. And of course, lots and lots of toys.
IKEA Children's Services
Children are the most important people in the world to us.
At the IKEA store, we provide an array of services to ensure that the kids
have an imaginative and fun-filled shopping experience.

Room to change
At the IKEA store, there are baby changing rooms where parents can attend
to the needs of their little ones.

Room to play
While the adults shop, the kids can have lots of fun too.
inside them; and berries so big, they can hardly hold one in their hands.
It’s a perfect supervised play area for jumping, climbing, running and bouncing.
There is also a silent and calm forest where they can watch a movie or
read a book or just rest under an enormous spruce tree.
Whatever their choice, it is a big adventure for the many small people!