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LATTJO collection
This November we’re releasing LATTJO, a play collection that inspires young and old to play together, everywhere and all the time. It consists of a wide range of toys, games, costumes and musical instruments, as well as a recipe book for play and a digital app for playing together even when apart.
Sales start November 2015
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A branch with pastel coloured baubles and silver-coloured birds together with a Christmas tree decorated with baubles and cones in red and beige.
Head start the Christmas
There’s no better time but now to start the celebrations! With this year’s new Christmas collection including two distinctive styles of sparkling decorations, bright lighting, cosy textiles, and everything needed to fill the kitchen with tasty holiday treats, we’re giving the Christmas holiday a stress-free head start.
Sales start October 2015
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This October we’re especially excited about our chair selection that lets customers create their very own chair choosing from different seat shells and underframes. For the kitchen, we’re introducing a great cooker for professional cooking at home, and for cleaning the dishes we have a super-clever tap for easy rinsing.
Another highlight includes our Scandinavian textiles and metre fabrics ranging from playful to classic in style, and from pastel to monochrome in colour. Take a look at the news and see all the products we have in store for the autumn. Whether for the kitchen or the bathroom, they will always be functional, affordable and in great style.
Sales start October 2015
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