This October sees the big launch of a range of products celebrating Swedish traditional design. With classic motifs and patterns harking back to nature and Sweden’s folkloric past, the range features everything from textiles and sofas, to storage and serveware. Have a look at the press material to read more and see the entire new Swedish traditonal collections.
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Getting down to business in style
Whether you’re a fan of vintage glamour or modern minimalism, our new workspace desks and chairs bring a stylish look to your working area while helping you get down to business. Featuring classic-style work chairs (with modern functions) and sturdy desks, our new products help you make the perfect place to be productive.
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Smart storage for small spaces
Say goodbye to bathroom clutter with the incredibly adaptable and affordable LEJEN wall cabinets. Designed to make the absolute most of small bathroom spaces, the cabinets can be stacked onto each other, hung on the walls horizontally or vertically and feature a handy shelf on the inside for hanging bathroom essentials.
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