What we do is alike. How we do it is different.
We all go to sleep, and we all wake up. That much is true for everyone. But everything else about those moments, and everything in-between them, is totally unique. This year’s cover, shot from sunrise to sunset, illustrates the beginning and end of one day in one home. All the pages in-between show various unique ways to make all the little moments of everyday life a little bit better.
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Where everyday begins and ends
‘It’s the small moments in life that we’ve always cherished at IKEA. All those everyday happenings when everyone comes together doing the most ordinary things. It’s for these everyday moments that we create affordable home furnishings that make life at home more beautiful and easier.
This year, we’ve focused on the areas of the home where people sleep and get ready every morning and night. Because if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nicer way, just imagine the effect on life!
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This year, we’re saying it’s OK be a little selfish for a change. Comfort is completely personal. Where people sleep can be a space where they relax, recharge and be themselves. A more refreshed version of themselves.
Fact: The bathroom is the most private room of the home, and also the most public. It’s often the smallest, and also often shared with others. This year, we’re putting extra focus on how good storage can be the key to starting and ending every day smoothly.
This catalogue shows people so many ways to hang, fold, stack, hide and pile their stuff. How everyone stores their things supports how they want to live at home — perhaps with a little more calm and a little less frustration at the start and end of every day?
Sleeping well tonight and beyond
More and more people want to live more sustainably. Since the bedroom is where materials are closest to our bodies, it’s a good place to start. It’s about using bed linen made from cotton grown in a more responsible way, choosing furniture with wood that generates less waste, adding softness with rugs made from leftover material and saving energy with LED lighting. This year’s catalogue shows more choices than ever to help everyone rest easier.
“If you live until you are 90, you will spend 32 years sleeping.”
IKEA sleep index report
Unique ideas rule
People want their homes to reflect who they are. They’ve become more inspired to furnish after their own needs rather than conventions. So, this catalogue incorporates many unexpected ideas for creating a style that is creative and personal. We want to feed that unconventional creativity!
“In Western Europe, only 10% sleep in a multifunctional home. Average in Eastern Europe is 44%,with Russian and Polen sticking out with 80%”
IKEA sleep index report
Using space to the max
More and more people are living in smaller and shared spaces. Multifunctional furniture is the key to making one living space meet the needs of many “rooms,” including a relaxing place to sleep. We want to help people see that it’s about buying furniture that can serve different purposes by day and by night.
What’s normal anyway?
The nuclear family is no longer the norm. The world is changing, and families are changing. And that means homes should adapt to all this change, too. This year, we’ve explored new ideas for how our living spaces can support our ever-changing lives at home. For example, we’ve created a relaxing place to sleep that works for just one on most nights and also on the nights when the kids are home.
“40% claims they watch TV in bed.“
IKEA sleep index report
Rethinking bigger
Homes are never constant. Take the bathroom, for example. What used to work for two now needs to work for the whole family. We think it’s a matter of adding functionality, not square metres. Why not put three compact sinks where there used to be one, to make the morning and evening routines go smoother?
Who couldn’t use more calm?
As life gets more hectic, so does the need for taking a break from it all. Luckily, the bathroom is the one room in a home that usually has a lock on the door. This year, we want to help people escape the chaos of everyday life by showing how to create a calm, welcoming bathroom that’s full of softness and free of clutter.
Putting heart into it
Furnish after needs, not conventions. It’s a theme that runs strong in this year’s catalogue. It’s about using space to enjoy things that are loved. If that happens to be fashion and getting styled every morning, we say prioritise it. Why not turn an entire room into a walk-in closet?
Living large in any space
More people are choosing to live smaller and simpler. Which makes good organisation an even bigger deal. Efficient storage can make a small space feel and work like a bigger one. For example, when solutions can be customised and combined to hang, fold and stack clothes, any wardrobe space feels just right.
“63% get dressed in the bedroom every day.”
IKEA sleep index report
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Bedroom furniture made to last practically forever
Natural materials and classic style come together for the new HURDAL series of bedroom furniture. With a design that embraces the natural look, feel (and even scent of) of solid pinewood, the HURDAL series features traditional crafted details and is made to be extremely long lasting.
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A living room collection with roots in Swedish tradition
Branch out with the new ARKELSTORP collection, crafted from solid pinewood and with a design steeped in Swedish folklore. Featuring pieces that can be used around the home it’s made to be extremely durable and age beautifully.
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Children’s textiles made for big personalities
Kids in their ‘tweens are passionate about whatthey like — and what they don’t. That’s why for the new 8-12 children’s textile collections the creators got kids themselves to help judge the designs. The results show off the passions and personalities of kids today.
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Bring some cool creativity to your walls
Brighten up your home
With looks inspired by sparkling jewels and retro fashion, light up those darkening days with our brand new range of colourful lamps and lampshades.
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