Become a member of the network for all entrepreneurs

A global concept of interior design and inspiration for all types of businesses ranging from offices, shops, conferences and training rooms, cafeterias and lunchrooms, but also for workplace at home.

IKEA BUSINESS will help to plot and plan your work area, transport and assemble furniture and decorate your room.

IKEA BUSINESS is also a tool to get access to a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Our services include:
  • Complete Home Furnishing and Consultancy
  • Office Planning
  • Interior Design for strategic/core customers
  • Picking of products with home delivery for purchases with a minimum of RM10,000
  • Guideline to have better prepared customers for more efficient meeting with IKEA consultants
  • Relevant services to engage sales with entrepreneurs who have high value of time
For more information we can be reached at:

+(603) 7720 7371 (IKEA Business department)
+(603) 7726 9999 (General line)

+(603) 7725 2942 (IKEA Business department)
+(603) 7726 6277 (General line)